Wholesale Gemstones

Wholesale Gemstones

Welcome to Gemoxia’s Wholesale Gemstones Collection, where the allure of Afghanistan’s treasures takes center stage.

Authentic Afghan Gemstones

Our exquisite emeralds, hailing from the verdant Panjshir Valley, showcase raw authenticity and elegance in their natural, rough state. Journey to the Jak Dalak Valley for vibrant rubies and explore the vivid world of tourmalines sourced from the picturesque Kunar Province.

Consistent quality and worldwide delivery

Revel in the rich history and natural brilliance as you explore our wholesale gemstone collection, a testament to the authenticity and quality that define Gemoxia’s offerings. With worldwide delivery services, Gemoxia ensures the beauty of these gemstones, each carefully curated to maintain consistent quality, size, and color in diverse lots. Contact us today for more information.

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If you would like to become a wholesaler for our gemstones. Fill out the form below and explain why you think you are eligible.

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