Fluorite (calcium fluoride)

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High-Quality Calcium Fluoride (Fluorite) Available in Bulk Discover the industrial and collectible potential of our premium Calcium Fluoride (Fluorite), offered in a substantial quantity of 100 tons. Perfect for smelting, glassmaking, and ornamental collections, our fluorite stands out with its high purity and vibrant hues. Invest in a mineral known for its versatility and beauty.


Introducing Our Premium Calcium Fluoride (Fluorite) Collection A Fusion of Purity and Versatility

We are proud to offer for sale 3000 tons of top-grade Calcium Fluoride (Fluorite), a mineral celebrated for its exceptional purity and a vibrant color spectrum that captivates the eye. Our commitment to quality ensures that each batch of fluorite is sourced with meticulous care, meeting the highest standards of excellence.

Product Highlights:

  • Versatile Applications: Our fluorite is ideal for a myriad of industrial uses, including smelting, glass, and enamel production, where its role is irreplaceable. It also serves as an educational tool and a prized addition to geological collections.
  • Unmatched Purity: Each specimen is assayed to guarantee a composition of CaF2
    with minimal impurities, ensuring suitability for the most demanding industrial processes.
  • Spectrum of Colors: Our collection boasts a range of colors, from the deep purples that evoke the mystery of the night to vibrant greens and even pristine colorless specimens, each adding aesthetic value as well as practical utility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Chemical Formula: CaF2
  • Hardness: Rated 4 on the Mohs scale, indicative of its durable nature.
  • Grain Size: We offer varied grain sizes, with customization options available to meet specific client requirements.

Your Industrial and Collectible Companion: Whether you aim to enhance your industrial process with a reliable flux or desire to add a touch of natural beauty to your collection, our calcium fluoride stands as the perfect choice. Its multifaceted uses and aesthetic appeal make it a valuable asset in any context.

Seize the Opportunity: We invite you to contact us for pricing and shipping details. Take the first step towards harnessing the potential of this remarkable mineral. Our premium quality calcium fluoride is more than just a commodity; it’s a cornerstone for innovation and a beacon of natural splendor.

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3000 Tons

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