Arian Nasiri
Arian NasiriChief Executive Officer

Your Trusted Partner

Arian Nasiri is a father of a young family. He is dedicated to his daughters and loves spending time with them. His dedication to them is only surpassed by his passion for international trade and building successful international import/export organizations. The natural stones and gemstones of his native Afghanistan with their rich history, have always fascinated him. You will notice the twinkle in his eye when he starts talking about the natural treasures of the Panshir valley and other remote and mysterious regions, and you won’t be able to leave his side without sharing at least some of his passion for the emeralds, rubies, onyx and other wonders of the rich mines of Afghanistan. Arian travels a lot but whether you meet him in the UAE, Europe or elsewhere, he will always make you feel like a close friend. This is why it is such a pleasure to do business with Arian and Gemoxia. He will make time for you and help you achieve your goals through the services of Gemoxia and it’s excellent gemstones, natural stones and other high quality products.

Accomplished business leader

Arian is an accomplished business leader, that excels in business development, process engineering, organizational development, strategy formulation, and international trade. His successful track record includes forging partnerships, optimizing operations, and facilitating seamless import/export of food and precious stones. Passionate about growth and excellence, Arian thrives on challenges and embraces change. He is an excellent negotiation partner who will go above and beyond when it comes to meeting your import- and export needs for natural stone, gemstones and other precious stones.

Tested senior manager

Arian has served as a director, board member and in senior management roles of international trade organizations and has mastered the necessary commercial – and people management skills, as well as more technical project management to make any undertaking a success. ┬áHis work experience includes:

  • Responsibilities that range from managing day-to-day administrative and operational functions of operations to providing strategic advice (Boustans Sabz)
  • Works collaboratively at organization and division levels to ensure business planning, performance monitoring and performance management processes inform and support each other and lead to continuous improvement of organizational performance (OXUS Group).
  • Development of information system, Project & IT Service Management, work flow design & business organisation, E-business and object oriented application development for hundred-seven hospital – and care institution in the Netherlands.
  • Executing and facilitating the decision making process and the selection and implementation of standard application for hundred-seven hospital and care institution in the Netherlands.
  • Analysing the consequences for organizations and business process and system for municipality of Groningen, Netherlands.
  • Given valid advice on the business process improvement, testing, implementing and integrating of standard application to municipality of Groningen.
  • Data Integration: Developing, testing and implementing of the ETL processes with Oracle tools.
  • Advised executives on Big Data and E-government strategy for Ministry of Interior of Dutch government.