Onyx No – 210

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Rough Onyx Stones: Unearth the elegance of raw Onyx with these striking stones, perfect for decor, landscaping, or collection. Embrace the natural charm in every unique piece.


Exquisite Natural Onyx Stone

Embrace the allure of nature with our premium selection of rough, big Onyx Stones. Each stone is a unique testament to the earth’s artistry, featuring a mesmerizing interplay of deep, rich blacks and captivating whites that swirl together to create a visual symphony. Ideal for connoisseurs of natural beauty and those seeking a touch of elegance in their space, these Onyx Stones are not just products but pieces of history millions of years in the making.

Perfect for:

  • Interior Design: Incorporate them into your decor for a touch of sophistication.
  • Landscaping Projects: Elevate outdoor spaces with their striking presence.
  • Collection: A must-have addition for any mineral and gemstone enthusiast.

Order now and own a piece of timeless beauty.

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7.024 Tons


L 236 x W 164 x H 66 (cm)



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